“I would like to take the opportunity to thank Systems MD for the following:

  • Creating a true network system
    • This systems allows the home office connectivity to all locations which goes from one end of the county to the other
    • This connectivity spans at least 45 miles in distance at its furthest point
  • Providing a response time that is great for even the smallest of problems
  • Providing computer service (for our hardware)
  • Making sure all ISP’s (we have 4 across the county) are compliant with our equipment
  • Providing a professional and courteous service team

If I were ever asked “Would you recommend this company?”  I would give a definite YES! Personally this working relationship is one of the best.  I can’t tell you how much time this company has saved me in managing a system that was not a true network.  It has freed up time to allow me to further enhance my job performance in other areas.”

Charlene “Punkin” Schlarb
Finance Director
County of Lincoln

“Systems MD has been one of the best changes our company has made.   We rely heavily on our computer systems and were nervous about the switch but there haven’t been any problems.   They are always professional, courteous and timely.  They have done a great job with our computer systems including a server conversion that was seamless. Everyone on our staff loves working with Systems MD.”

John Grisham, CPA
Ricci & Company

I am writing to express my high esteem for Systems MD and the work your company performed in helping us migrate away from a bad managed service provider to our own equipment and network. Every Systems MD staff member we have worked with has been great. Your sales department was respectful, responsive, and worked with us to find the best combination of services and equipment that fit our budget. The technical department performed fantastic quality work and put in effort beyond the call of duty to ensure we completed our network migration on time with as small a downtime window as we could ever hope for. In our ongoing relationship with Systems MD to provide ongoing support and assistance we have been equally impressed with the quality of work performed by everyone at Systems MD. We have only had positive experiences with Systems MD and I would recommend your company to almost any organization who needs IT assistance.

Ryan Lynch
Director of IT
The Competitive Enterprise Institute