Systems MD private cloud

Leveraging the latest technologies available on the market today, Systems MD has designed a flexible cost effective IT solution combining the best of cloud computing, and the reliability of an on-site network solution.

The Systems MD Private Cloud (or SPC) is a cloud computing platform that is implemented within your business network and firewall under your full control. A private cloud offers the same features and benefits as a public cloud system but removes a number of issues such as control over enterprise and customer data, worries about security, and issues connected to regulatory compliance.

Using SPC , both servers and workstations are virtualized and stored on a local server which is then protected and backed up in multiple redundant ways, allowing for safe access to those resources using thin client terminals or existing desktop computers. This allows for both low cost of ownership and a highly reliable disaster recovery environment.

SPC adheres to and exceeds the latest security standards, best practices and regulatory compliance guidelines, taking the worry out of your IT infrastructure.

Using a combination of thin clients, secure remote access and a flexible network, SPC lets users work from anywhere, pulling up their own business workstation with ease from anywhere in the world.

Systems MD

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