Business Services

Systems MD provides IT support services to over 130 businesses in Texas, New Mexico and beyond through on call services, preventative maintenance contracts, and flat rate managed services. Once a network is installed and in place it requires periodic maintenance to ensure that it is running at its peak performance and free from security threats and viruses.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Private Cloud solution design and implementation including complete network virtualization and thin client setup.
  • Network Design and Implementation. This includes Server/PC installation and configurations.
  • Operating system/application installation and support. Perform application software installation, maintenance, and upgrades.
  • Configure offsite remote access to shared resources and email through secure¬† Network Connections.
  • Manage user access to the network through active directory. Create security groups to manage file permissions and folder access.
  • Create and document IT policies and procedures. Document site network design and application configurations.
  • Manage and store software, license keys, and other IT related data.
  • Implement HIPAA and PCI compliance strategies and ensure clients stay in compliance avoiding costly fines and complications.
  • Network and data cabling design consultation.
  • Review server and computer event logs for potential problems. Address and correct issues to prevent system or network failure.
  • Verify that servers and computers are protected from the latest viruses. Download and install antivirus software updates, renew licenses, ensure that the software is operational, and remove threats from the quarantine folder.
  • Download and install the latest Microsoft security patches to protect systems from known threats and vulnerabilities. Download and install updates for Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, and Security Essentials.
  • Verify that automatic backups are running as scheduled.
  • Verify email operations.
  • Ensure systems are protected from viruses, spyware and spam. Make recommendations.
  • Monitor server and network services. Ensure systems have access to resources.
  • Perform application software maintenance and upgrade as needed.
  • Disaster Recovery Planning and Implementation.
  • Follow up and meet with the technical liaison for your organization